Rękawice na każdą przygodę

Durably waterproof

The innovative GORE-TEX membrane blocks all water from getting in, so your hands stay drier and more comfortable, even in heavy snow or rain.

Totally windproof

From strong headwinds to icy gales, wind can’t get through the GORE-TEX membrane so your hands stay warmer and more comfortable.

Very breathable

The protective membrane in your glove allows sweat vapor to escape, which means you avoid that clammy, uncomfortable feeling.


Grip is as much about fit as surface texture. The layers in GORE-TEX Grip Gloves are bonded tightly together, so there’s no movement between them. So you can grip your poles, or work a zip, with ease.

*Only in GORE-TEX® gloves with Gore grip technology, and GORE-TEX® gloves with Gore 2 in 1 technology.


If you’re out on a long day ski-touring or know that temperatures are going to drop sharply, you need to know you’re protected. The extra insulation in GORE-TEX Plus Warm Gloves keeps you protected, and comfortable, for even longer.

*Only in GORE-TEX® gloves with Gore plus warm technology.

Komfort i ochrona. Maksymalnie wykorzystaj każdy dzień.

Większy komfort. Ochrona. Narciarze, snowboardziści, motocykliści i inni poszukiwacze przygód polegają na rękawicach GORE-TEX w kwestii ochrony, mobilności i komfortu.

Oprócz gwarancji wodoodporności, wiatroszczelności i oddychalności rękawice z technologią GORE-TEX zapewniają wiele dodatkowych korzyści.